The Project

In year 6, we have started a project following on from last years students. The project involves designing a new childrens unit in Salisbury District Hospital. We have been given the task of designing the waiting room to suit our personal tastes representing children generally. We have to think and discuss in a group, individually and as a class, the atmosphere that we would want if we ever had to visit or stay in the childrens unit.

This project started with the hospital investing a small amount of money into refurbishing the childrens playroom, and gradually growing to result in a whole new plan of action!

The team working on this project aimed to include multiple members of the community, including schools, patients and the general public. The design team from the hospital set up an on-line survey to see what the public thought of the present childrens unit. The results revealed that people’s views on the ward were generally negative, with lots of room for improvement. The main things disliked were the babyish designs, the smell, the distance of the toilets and the overall environment. It was later decided that these were the things that needed improvement, over everything else. 

Other things to look into improving were the colour schemes and amount of space, as there had been complaints on the cluttered areas, and the dull environment. Previous students found wall colours and patterns played a very vital role in not only the appearance, but also the comforting and the welcoming feel.

All of year 6 are looking forward to the project ahead, and hope to see a big difference in the quality, appearance and warmth that the childrens unit will hopefully achieve.

By Charlotte and Bea


5 Responses to “The Project”

  1. vivien Says:

    Well done Bea & Charlotte, what a good piece of writing-all points put across clearly. Hope we can see the results of Year 6’s project.

  2. Penny Robbins Says:

    Dear Bea and Charlotte,

    this was a lovely piece to read and crammed lots of information into an entertaining article. Please could you make one correction for me – the refurbishment that happened in 2007 included the WHOLE inpatient ward and playroom.

    Well done and I’m looking forward to readin more!


  3. Bea's Dad Says:

    Very well written and I hope you make good progress with your project!

  4. Bea's Mum Says:

    It’s a great idea to have this sort of project between the school and the hospital. Congratulations to all those involved!

  5. Charlotte's Brother David Says:

    Well done Bea and Charlotte, a very well written piece which I really enjoyed reading. I hope to hear more about the project as it progresses.

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